Thursday, 5 July 2012

Another American post in which I tell you a little story about how me and my husband were a little silly...

We decided to get married in Las Vegas and planned it all in a couple of weeks so that we could get married on the anniversary of the date we met. I know, right? Couldn't be any cuter. Anyway, despite my usual obsession with endless holiday research, I didn't do so very much - enough to choose our hotel and get decent flights and that was about it.

We stayed here - the Trump hotel - and I loved it..

The whole hotel tower is shiny and gold. 

Turns out it isn't like Friends when you rock up drunk and just get married by mistake, or perhaps its easier if you are American, but we had to get some paperwork done and buy rings and a few things so it wasn't just hanging out there by the pool.

We decided to take a trip to the Grand Canyon while we were there, and started off small with a little drive to Red Rock Canyon..

That was our gigantic hire car.

Then we thought we would go to the Grand Canyon, I didn't fancy a helicopter trip where you hover over and fly back, I wanted to drive ourselves so that we could do what we wanted on the day. Plus we had an awesome big car.

Yeah, no. It's like a 7 hour drive each way. Suddenly not possible when you only have a few days left and need to get married on one of them. 

So really the moral of this story is for my husband to not take the piss so very much when I spend hours planning trips. It's probably better if I do.

Still, the trip was fabby and we did get our happy ever after.

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