Thursday, 19 July 2012

Crikey guvnor, the world is even better today... the sun is shining. Yep, for reals.

I didn't think England had it in it, but yeay for sunshine. And sorry to my husband who is still in Norway with the rain, but about to go to heatwave USA, so whatever. 

My hotel is lovely, although anywhere that has individual cafetieres in the room would get a yeay from me, am terribly easy to please. After seeing lots of lovely people yesterday, am now going to have a spot of breakfast, do a spot of shopping and pop in to a museum, then catch a train south. Just perfect. There will be an M&S fruit salad and some salt and vinegar crisps along the way. Even better. 

Here are some of the lovely people.

Quite when this turned in to a not-very-interesting diary entry, I don't know, but it is all I got today, am going shopping out to get some culture. 

Yeah right. 

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