Wednesday, 4 July 2012

In praise of America #2 - bring on the cute, the big and the happy.

1.   Where else can you get something so patriotic and ridiculously cute?

2.   I know Denny's isn't cool. But I love this place, love their breakfast diner food and big fat white mugs.

3.   Doggy bags - love that they know you paid for your food and should get to finish it if you want to (am not even saying anything about the HUGE portions that mean you need a doggy bag in the first place).

(And I have never had a foil swan, but I totally know they are real because I have seen one on Friends).

4.   Shiny happy sales assistants.


Look, look how happy they are.

5.   It's frickin' huge - I know people make snotty jokes about the high percentage of americans who don't own a passport, much less use it, but wanderlust aside, they kind of don't need to. America is huge and has it all - mountains, desert, coastal resorts, amazing cities. 

They also have an ancient tar pit with fake dying animals right in the middle of LA.

Awesome. Love it all.

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