Sunday, 22 April 2012

A Sunday-something-to-lust-after: Karl Lagerfeld's library.

Somehow I have missed seeing this until now. I don't quite know why as it seems to have been all over the internet for ages and it is AWESOME and BEAUTIFUL and AWESOME again. And totally the kind of thing I love. A massive library full of books. 

So, it is totally worth showing and sharing, but due to the been-all-over-the-internet-for-years part, no article, just pictures. (If you do want an article there are lots, but I did like this one).


You work that room, Karl.

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  1. レイバンは良いですよ!といつもうるさい友達がいる。来月がその友達の誕生日になるので、プレゼントでもしょうと考えている。レイバン RB2140にするか、レイバン RB3025にするかと迷っている。キミならどっちを選ぶのでしょう?