Sunday, 15 April 2012

A Sunday slice of history: or how I'm not a bad person but I am kind of glad the Titanic sank.

Which is a dreadful thing to say on the 100 year anniversary, but bear with me, there is some reasoning here.

Back in the early 20th Century, my great grandmother married a chap by the name of Frederick Simmons, who was a merchant seaman. The family story has it that he had the choice to go on Scott's voyage to Antarctica or on the Titanic. His wife was pregnant so he chose to go on the Titanic because he would leave after the baby was born and be back much sooner. Too much irony for words, as whilst Scott didn't fare well, he would have been more than fine as part of the ship's crew.

This is that baby (or Great Uncle Ted as we used to call him) and my great grandmother in 1914 or so.

My great grandmother went on to marry again and had four more children, one of which was my grandmother. 

So you see, I am terribly sorry Titanic, but all things considered, I am pretty much on the iceberg's side.

(And in a delightfully linking-up way, this little fellow went on to marry the lovely lady I showed you yesterday - my Great Aunt Lily Johnny Galecki's ancestor).

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