Sunday, 1 April 2012

A Sunday slice of history.

I have been watching a lot of Who Do You Think You Are lately, as well as a bit of Time Team so, you know, I am feeling at one with my roots. This made me feel like I ought to be a little less shallow, just for a bit, so I am shelving the Sunday Lustworthy posts for a couple of weeks so I can share a couple of awesome family stories with you.

This one isn't strictly an awesome story, more a really old letter. Also it is a work-in-progress - we found this letter amongst my grandmother's papers when she died and we don't really know any more than it shows.

It really is from 1746, which feels terribly impressive, and is written by a loving nephew to his aunt. We don't recognise the names as family names so enquiries are afoot to find out more and then to work out why my grandmother had it tucked away.

Just you wait for the Titanic story. Oh yes.

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