Monday, 2 April 2012

My heart belongs to L.A. #1

Actually, that isn't totally completely true, I liked LA, but didn't totally love it. I think it was because there isn't a centre or a main thing to do. I think it confused me. And I couldn't walk around. I totally want to go back and try again, because you know, its LA and clearly awesome.

We did do some LA stuff - saw Grauman's, looked at the Walk of Fame, had dinner in Bel Air with Jennifer Aniston at the next table. You know, the regular things.

And we saw the Hollywood sign.

Yeah, the Hollywood sign. In the picture I took my dear husband is in focus, the Hollywood sign is a bit blurry. In his, I am totally out of focus but the Hollywood sign is crisp and clear.

I'm pretty sure that means something HUGE.

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