Friday, 29 June 2012

When my blog grows up it wants to have lovely shiny pictures...

Like these..

I really love these composite pictures but have NO idea how to 
do them.

This one is like a whole lifestyle in one shot, lovely..

Much simpler, but cute and effective..

Really love this, I too want to be able to label and maybe even draw big arrows on things..

I did used to have a whole tag for lazy arse blogging (things I praps ought to have learned how to do before starting a blog) but not beating myself up over this one. I have looked in lots of places, maybe I need to get paid-for-Photoshop, not just the free bit.

I did come up with this, it's a little H&M outfit for my nephew..

I will figure this one out. Probably.

(Obviously if anyone reading this knows the answer, please share.....).

All images from my Pinterest board.

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