Monday, 25 June 2012

My heart belongs to: Ny-Carlsberg Glypotek..

It won't stop raining here, it feels biblical now, like someone did something really wrong and now the rain has come. 

Anyway, it made me think of this place - the Ny-Carlsberg Glypotek..

Yep, that Carlsberg family, nope, nothing to do with beer. Although a brewery would be a lovely place to hide in, out of the rain.

It rained all the time we were in Copenhagen and I hid out here for a lot of it - lots of art and sculpture...

And under the big dome is this awesome palm filled cafe area.

My husband was working so I sat there drinking coffee alone. Well, it was me and some old school Danish ladies wrapped in fur.

Turns out Danish pastries aren't called Danish pastries in Denmark, they are called Vienna bread, same as in Norway.

Still taste good though.

(All the pictures from nice Wikipedia, pretty sure it was too wet to take a camera out.)

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