Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Oh hurrah, we're getting there...

So in the last couple of days we have done a bunch more stuff to the house (pretty sure that 'a bunch more stuff' is proper design speak too).

We shipped out our old sofa and have a lovely new one..

Although it isn't lovely for everyone, that 14 year old boy in our house doesn't like it, it's too flowery.

Plus we put up squillions of pictures, so now it looks better on the walls, plus we have got rid of the piles of pictures from the floor. Total win. 

This is my favourite - it was a first anniversary present from my sister (you know, because it is paper, and referencing the comedy moustaches from our wedding party).

It is available here if you want one too.

Anyway, there are LOADS more to go up, so back to my hammer. 


  1. I love the design of the sofa. It is really great. I also want to have that kind of sofa in my house.
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  2. Thanks - I love it so far, enough of a pattern to make it interesting, but not too much that it dominates the room... I totally forgot to put the credit on it - it is from Ikea - so super easy to get and not too expensive... it's a Karlstad - we have the three seater but it is this pattern - http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/products/S79902855/