Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Contact lenses make you old. Fact.

I just got some to try last week and firstly, I really can't put the frickin' things in that easily. Which I know will take a bit of practice, but all over the world there are really stupid people who manage this daily and it makes me feel old. 

Also, I am a bit shortsighted. True, there are people who are less short sighted than me who wear their glasses all day every day, but I like my blurry world.

I thought I looked like this (which, by the way, was taken on my Mac webcam which gives a lovely soft blur), yeah I'm 38, but there is still a bit of smooth glowiness there (please see above reference to webcam)..

Now I can see clearly THE WHOLE TIME I realise those days are gone.. I totally look like this..

Which was a bit of a shock.

Who the hell is that old lady?

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