Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Some light archaeological geekery for the day.

So, we are moving house in a couple of weeks or so. It turns out that our next door neighbours have a viking burial mound in their back garden. A VIKING BURIAL MOUND IN THEIR BACK GARDEN. It is almost too cool for words.

I don't have a picture of that actual one because, you know, we haven't moved in yet, so right now it would just be stalking. But here are a couple of shots of some bigger ones in a park up the road from us:

The one next door really is way smaller.

But there's more! Yes! It further turns out that the bit of land on the other side of us is being looked at currently. They have evidence of people having lived on that site so far, so who knows what else they will find? 

Now, of course, I am totally Time Team psyched and want us to hire some ground penetrating radar ro check our place over. 

Once we move in, of course. 

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