Thursday, 22 March 2012

I'm too excited for words and want to post everything but that would be silly.

I am loving this blog. I think I may have mentioned that yesterday. You know, in passing. Weirdly, despite the excitement and massive long list of things I want to do and change and tart up and sort out, I spent a ridiculous, inordinate amount of yesterday doodling hearts. I doodle hearts. Lots of hearts. Occasionally funny old-men-with-bow-tie faces, but mostly hearts. I was due to do bunches of stuff online yesterday and oh my, did i get through some doodle-procrastinating. Pretty much like a kid avoiding homework.

But I found a free online course to learn Python programming, a 9 week programme to get you from sitting on the couch to running 5km (it is brilliantly called Couch to 5km), a lot of chair cushions and the cutest peacock shoes.

I will leave you with the pretty, pretty peacock shoes, stop doodling, tweak some things and see you tomorrow.

Pretty, pretty peacock shoes from Asos.

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