Friday, 30 March 2012

Oh dear. I seem to have a problem.

I think there ought to be a 12 step programme actually.

I have too many pairs of jeans. I mean, given that I wear them pretty much every day it isn't repulsive, but I haven't counted them up. I'm not too keen to know what the answer is. Probably distinctly over 50 pairs. You know, if we count the two pairs of chinos I have. Because that will probably make all the difference. Tip it over the edge, that kind of thing. That is quite possibly repulsive actually.

Wash day at my house looks like this.

That is, of course, a shamefaced lie. This is a 
very arty exhibition.

I am trying to be very house-cleary and really trying to pare things down but I am not very good at it. It's like I have been through a war and rationing and have to keep things for just-in-case.

In my defence, some of them are years old, plus shopping is totally my hobby, plus I love jeans.

I have got rid of 7 pairs so far, which doesn't seem like very many, but it is a start, and I haven't finished the Great Sort Through.

You'll see, it will go from this..

To this huge out-pile. 

And this tiny in-pile. 

Then I can start on the cardigans. Oh, the cardigans....

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